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AM48 is a company that offers property development services, planning, project management and procurement services in the area of real estate. We have more than 25 years' experience, which gives us unrivalled ability to find the best opportunities in residential, commercial, tourist and hotel property. It is through our portfolio that we mirror our leitmotiv of doing "beyond the obvious", with important projects such as Ópera LX, Focus LX, The Boulevard, Promenade, Santa Joana, Foz de Prata and Quinta do Alverde.

Alejandro Martins
Alejandro Martins quote

“This project consists of a clear fusion between contemporary architecture and nature, aimed at responding to the needs of a segment that seeks quality of life in an urban environment, without neglecting sustainable practices. Foz de Prata is more than a development, it's a new location that we're returning to the north of the city of Aveiro, in close connection with the Canal and the river.”


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